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Below are some mixes that I have done usally comprising of my more recent tracks (at the time), but it depends what I'm liking !! My usual style is to start with some 'slow' tracks and gradually build up to the more full on tunes. These are as they happened, so a bit rough in places; but not always! You can listen to the mix or download an MP3 of it.

  Title Artist The Mix
1. Starkness (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix) Andy Groove

The FYF Mix

2. Ascendances (Original Mix) CJ Arthur
3. Salty (Moonsouls Remix) Vitodito
4. Maiyano (Original Mix) Alex Wright
5. Fewer Words (Original Mix) Dmitry Strochenko
6. Stay (tranzLift Remix) Sunlight Project feat. Danny Claire
7. Reborn (Original Mix) SinSonic
8. Crimea (Original Mix) Nick V
9. Fly Away (Extended Mix) Miroslav Vrlik
10. Cloudburst (Plutian Remix) Blue5even
11. Ethereal Horizon (Original Mix) Chen Kai Bin
12. Lost in Your Eyes (Original Mix) Love N Frequency
13. Indigo (Extended Mix) Rene Ablaze
14. Aeterna Historia (Uplifting Mix) Sound Apparel
15. Mirzam (Oiginal Mix) Dan Stone


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Tears of Hope (Club Mix) Illitheas & Johannes Fischer

The Stellar Mix

2. Bravery (Original Mix) SoundLift
3. Tree Of Life (Original Mix) Marian Closca
4. Uncharted Territory (Alternate Mix) MaickelJ
5. Victus (Dr. Clarke Remix) James McGuire
6. Keep Love Alive (Paul Hided feat. Andi Vax Live Guitar Remix) Airzoom
7. Memoirs (Witness45 Remix) Dmitry Lomakin pres. Ultimate
8. A New Sunrise (James McGuire Remix) Srijit S
9. Time Lapse (Original Mix) Mike Vit
10. Valkyrie (Original Mix) Ultimate & Moonsouls
11. Asia (Liam Wilson Remix) Audiocells
12. Light Waves (Original Mix) UDM
13. Tempus Fugit (Original Mix) Sunlight Project & Amax DJ


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Colours of Life (Mhammed el Alami Remix) Mobil

The Resurgence Mix

2. We Were Brothers (Original Mix) Night Sky
3. Light in the Dark (Original Mix) Ferrin & Morris
4. Skylight (Original Mix) Fredrik Miller
5. Never Forget You (Bluskay Remix) Sunlight Project feat. Angel Fall
6. You Are Not Alone (Original Mix) Sunlight Project
7. Lights in The Heaven (Original Mix) Miroslav Vrlik & Abide
8. Inspirational (Original Mix) UDM
9. Show Me the Stars (Original Mix) Temple One & Sarah Lynn
10. Zenith (DJ Ayk Remix) Craig London
11. Proton (Ico pres. Twisted Design Remix) Aleksandar Radicevic
12. Horizon (Aziz Aouane Remix) Craig London
13. Supernova (Original Mix) Ultimate
14. Kheops (Original Mix) Raddle B & SoundGate


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Celestial (Original Mix) Marian Closca

The Anticipation Mix

2. Neuroscience (Original Mix) Dave Marxon
3. Air Flow (Epic Mix) Playme
4. Shiki (Original Mix) Dan Stone
5. Taichi (Derek Palmer Remix) Lanx
6. Sands of Time (Mhammed El Alami Remix) Derek Palmer
7. Till the End of Time (Original Mix) Ultimate & Moonsouls
8. Broken (New World Remix) Jaki Song & J2P
9. Dubai Sunset (Original Mix) Sean Mathews
10. Forever in my Heart (Original Mix) Steve Morley
11. Sleeping in Light (Original Mix) Neo Kekkonen
12. Lotus of the Nile (Original Mix) Subimpact vs. Sergey Shabanov
13. Tears for You (Original Mix) Etasonic
14. At Dawn (Original Mix) Marian Closca


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Victorious (Original Mix) SoundLift

The Nelson Mix

2. Forever (Original Mix) SoundLift
3. Now in Heaven (Original Mix) Ultimate & Moonsouls
4. In Memory of Sunland (Original Mix) Skyscape
5. Horizon (Original Mix) Mhammed el Alami & Illitheas
6. Together (Original Mix) Allen & Envy
7. City of the Gods (Peter Smith Remix) tranzLift
8. Amlia (Sergey Shabanov Remix) Six Senses
9. Noor (Ikerya Project Remix) Sylvermay
10. Eye 2 Eye (Extended Mix) Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah feat. Sylvia Tosun
11. Xel Ha (Original Mix) Imida & Red Sky
12. Tear Oneself Away (Original Mix) John Sunlight
13. Passions (Original Mix) Emre Yildiz


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Scorponok (from Transformers) Steve Jablonsky

The Ganges Mix

2. Ultraviolet (Original Mix) C-Systems & Marcel Kenenberg
3. Legacy of Ephemeris (Original Mix) PvR
4. Someone Like You (Loobosh Remix) Etasonic vs. Laucco
5. Reminiscence (Original Mix) Paul Rigel & OBM Notion
6. Ushio (Original Mix) New World
7. This is Poetry (Original Mix) Space Raven
8. We Don´t Change (Original Mix) Miroslav Vrlik
9. Through It All (Tranceangel Uplifting Remix) Aitra
10. Don't Look Back (Original Mix) Love N Frequency
11. Travel in Space (Original Mix) Avrora
12. Something in You (Original Mix) Sy Gardner
13. Polar Lights (UDM Remix) Aero 21 feat. Svenja


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Around the Globe (Original Mix) UDM

The Glazing Mix

2. Madagascar (Mac & Monday Remix) Paul Oakenfold
3. Sienna (Almar Remix) Lost Witness vs. Iversoon & Alex Daf
4. Distorted Reality (Original Mix) Love N Frequency
5. Whirling Dervishes (Original Mix) New World & Receptive
6. Caldera (Ahmed Romel Remix) Raytheon
7. Azure (Original Mix) Tangle & Touchstone
8. Wonderland (Orchestral Trance Mix) Kelly Andrew
9. Sunshine Girl (Original Mix) Rene Ablaze & Global Influence
10. Cafe del Mar (Activa Remix) Paul Oakenfold
11. Nahadja (Original Mix) Euphoric Feel
12. The Next Page (Original Mix) Ally Brown & Rob van Arden
13. Silence (Above Beyonds 21st Century Remix) Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Virage (UDM Remix) Airborn

The Manar Mix

2. Madagascar (Simon Bostock Remix) Paul Oakenfold
3. Wormhole (Original Mix) Love N Frequency
4. Summer Breeze (Manuel Rocca Remix) Sunset & Myk Bee
5. Kardia (Original Mix) Allen & Envy and Allen Watts
6. Running Out of Time (Uplifting Mix) Aly & Fila feat. Chris Jones
7. Caldera (TrancEye pres. Electronic Dreams Remix) Raytheon
8. Kobenhavn (Bluskay Remix) Jordi Roure
9. A Sense of Wonder (Original Mix) peakXperience
10. Counting Days (Original Mix) Daniel Meyer
11. O'ahu Night (Original Mix) Manida
12. Whisper In Mind (Original Mix) Sky Flight & Carl Overnet


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Distorted Reality (PVR Remix) Love N Frequency

The Eve Mix

2. Flying Higher (Duduk Mix) SoundLift
3. Sunrise Together (Original Mix) Jordi Roure
4. Indiana (New World Remix) Witness45 & Poonyk
5. Tula (The Noble Six Remix) Aly & Fila
6. First Sun (Dan Stone Remix) Aly & Fila
7. Quiet Storm (Aly & Fila Club Mix) Aly & Fila feat. Sue Mclaren
8. Slumber (John Sunlight Remix) Ihor Mihal
9. Atma (Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland Remix) Kheiro & Medi
10. Lifelines (Ico Remix) Allen Watts
11. Love is All We Have (Original Mix) Love N Frequency
12. Sinelock (Original Mix) Magnus
13. Polar Lights (Etasonic Remix) Aero 21 feat. Svenja
14. Discovery of Earth (Original Mix) John Sunlight


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Breathing (Sunset & Puma Scorz Remix) Laker

The Taj Mix

2. Baikal (Original Mix) Perfect Vision & Demy Yorth
3. Centauro (Original Mix) Jordi Roure
4. Calista (Original Mix) French Skies
5. Voyager (Extended Mix) Solarstone
6. Namida (Original Mix) Emanuele Congeddu & Hiroki Nagamine
7. Summer Breeze (Original Mix) Sunset & Myk Bee
8. Ghosts (Original Club Vocal Mix) Tenth Planet
9. Hydrostatic (C-Project Remix) Ataraxia
10. Howl at the Moon (Solarstone Retouch) Driftmoon
11. Ascalion (Heavenly Mix) Pizz@dox & Patrick Ytting
12. Fireisland (Suncatcher Remix) Solarstone with Aly & Fila


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Talisman (Original Mix) Protoculture

The Hopeful Mix

2. Hermana (Original Mix) Dan Stone
3. Perception (Araya & Mark Dreamer Remix) Alae Khaldi
4. Escape (Original Mix) Airbase
5. Lovers (Pure Mix Instrumental) Solarstone feat. Lemon
6. Illuminate (Global Influence Remix) Sergey Shabanov
7. Raccoon (Original Mix) Araya with Mark Dreamer
8. In Another Universe (Original Mix) Ascania
9. 2013 (We Are Still Alive) (Freelancer & Perfect Vision Remix) Blueye
10. Fields of La Tourette (Original Mix) New World
11. Three Headed Monkey (Farzam Remix ) Oliver & Tom
12. Eris (Original Mix) Andy Farthing
13. The Legacy (Alphazone Remix) Saltwater


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Tonight (Original Mix) Burak & Emre

The Thrashed Mix

2. Invisible (Lost Tribe Vocal Mix) Tilt
3. I'll Follow (Solarstone Pure Mix) John O'Callaghan feat. Ria
4. Beyond the Stars (Emotional Mix) Kelly Andrew
5. Trying To Disappear (Original Mix) Ascania
6. Tears of Ra (Original Mix) Overseas
7. Star Travelling (Moonsouls Remix) Solar Sky
8. Horizon (Original Mix) Sunset & Myk Bee
9. Gates of Albion (Paul Rigel Remix) tranzlift & Andy Elliass
10. Rising Sun (Original Mix) Manida
11. Elements (TrancEye Remix) Aeden
12. Japan (Original Mix) AlexZideyn


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Gamemaster (Original Mix) Lost Tribe

The Fog Mix

2. Sanctum (Original Mix) Sound Apparel
3. Feel (Original Mix) Rene Ablaze & Global Influence
4. Love Theme from Blade Runner (Pure Mix) Solarstone
5. Hearts a Legend (Solarstone Pure Remix) Zoo Brazil feat. Philip
6. Dragon's Paradise (Hoyaa Remix) Dreamy
7. Still Far Away (Miroslav Vrlik Vocal Remix) Alpha Duo
8. Steam Traveller (Original Mix) Marian Closca pres. Skyscape
9. Seaside (Original Mix) Insid3r
10. Afterlife (UDM Remix) New World
11. Angels & Demons (Original Mix) BluEye
12. The Incursion (Ikerya Project Club Remix) Kelly Andrew


  Title Artist The Mix
1. Perfect Sense (Original Mix) Digital Elements

The Dunn Deal Mix

2. Another World (Spark7 Remix) Martire & Flashtech
3. Hidden Desire (Original Mix) Midnight Star
4. Guardian Angel (Original Mix) 10Stage
5. Full on Acid (Marian Closca Remix) Ikerya Project
6. Helen (Original Mix) CJ Arthur vs. Den Rize
7. Star Travelling (Original Mix) Solar Sky
8. Forgotten Dreams (French Skies Emotional Remix) ET Project
9. Time Traveller (Epic Mix) Deathmind & Estigma
10. Tears of Ra (Ico Rremix) Overseas
11. Midnight City (Original Mix) Suncatcher
12. Flaming June (Paul van Dyk Remix) BT

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